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Regarded as one of the most picturesque coastlines in Taiwan, the East Coast National Scenic Area is shared by Hualien and Taitung. The Provincial Highway 11 runs parallel to the coast and it is a stunning driving and cycling route between Hualien and Taitung. The east coast region is formed by the convergence of the Philippine and Eurasian tectonic plates that results in the dramatic coastline decorated with geological marvels like sandy and gravel beaches, coastal formations and offshore islands.



The coral reef coastal landforms like Sanxiantai and Xiaoyeliu 小野柳 showcase fascinating rock features. A conducive rest stop and lookout spot, Jialulan Recreation Area 加路蘭遊憩區 is a seaside art park with interesting driftwood art installations. With a bohemian reputation along the coast, Dulan village 都蘭 is a mecca for surfers for its beaches and waves, and hosts the annual Taiwan of Open of Surfing competition. Further inland, Dulan Sugar Factory 都蘭糖廠 (新東糖廠文化園區) is a heritage building developed into a creative hub that organises occasional live music performances. Chenggong Fishing Harbour 成功漁港 situated at the northern tip of Taitung County is the launching pad for whale-watching tours in summery months May to October. 




Short rice noodles is a humble Taitung delicacy. There are many stalls selling this quintessential Taitung dish and the most famous is Rong Shu Xia. It was a quiet shop when I visited in 2014. Fast forward to 2019, the shop has gained great fame and as a result, long queues too. The hearty bowl of noodles is topped with minced pork, bean sprout and bonito flakes which really enhance the taste. You can add a braised egg to enrich the bowl of noodles and do not forget to pepper the noodles with their signature chilli sauce! (榕樹下米苔目) (藍蜻蜓速食專賣店) (阿桑剉冰) (黃記蔥油餅) (客來吃樂 大腸蚵仔麵線)